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Adobe® Acrobat® DC for Enterprise - Updated

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Adobe® Acrobat® DC for Enterprise is application software developed by Adobe® Systems to allow users to create, view, manipulate, and print files in PDF (Portable Document Format). As the use of paper has declined and more business is conducted electronically PDF files have become integral to many businesses operations and having a way to access and manipulate PDFs has become essential.

What Does Adobe® Acrobat® DC for Enterprise Offer?

The creation of Adobe® Acrobat® DC for Enterprise brings PDF management with enterprise-level support, security, and IT capabilities to both medium-sized and large organisations.

Simple management

The Adobe® Enterprise Dashboard makes user management and deployment simple. Users can add and track licenses at a glance. You may arrange software and updates to suit your own schedule giving you complete control over the way your system works.

acrobat dc pro enterprise


Security and privacy are key concepts for Acrobat® DC. Users systems are securely protected by Adobe® Enterprise DC with systems which include the Federated ID user authentication with SSO, a convenient way to remove users who leave your company. In addition to having their IP safeguarded with advanced password-key encryption users will also enjoy JavaScript blacklisting and whitelisting, along with enterprise-class application sandboxing.

Dedicated support

Adobe® Acrobat® DC for enterprise requires time to learn how to use it effectively so Adobe® offers anyone buying their Enterprise application dedicated onboarding help and technical support around the clock to ensure that they can get the best out of Enterprise DC. Unlimited 1:1 sessions are available to guide new users through every step of the learning process. Administrators can check the status of ongoing support issues through the convenient Adobe® Enterprise Dashboard.

Are there any alternatives?

Despite the features offered by Acrobat® DC it is far from the only way of managing your business PDFs. One of the most popular alternatives, which is gaining a growing following among business users is PDFelement. PDFelement for Business is a fully functional application that makes it simple to manage all your PDF documents.

how to read pdf adobe reader alternative

how to read pdf adobe reader alternative

Easy editing

One of the most helpful features of PDFelement is the ability to delete or add text and images on PDF files. You can even use the built-in OCR feature to edit scanned and image rich PDFs. PDFelement can be deployed to multiple computers within your organisation and a volume licensing discount is available with the business features.

There is very little that Acrobat® DC can do, but PDFelement can't. When realisation is combined with the many advantages of PDFelement in other areas it becomes clear that PDFelement is a serious competitor.

Continuous development

One of the greatest annoyances for software users is the length of time between software upgrades. Some software is so rarely updated that it can take years before changes are seen even when there are known bugs or problems with the software. By contrast, one of the greatest strengths of PDFelement is that it is undergoing continuous development. Feedback from users is sent directly to the developers for analysis and action. This feedback is used to enhance every aspect of PDFelement. This close connection between users and developers leads to a much faster implementation of features to create a tool that does exactly what users need to save time and make their businesses more efficient.

Be part of an active community

The free customer service offered by PDFelement is greatly appreciated by users, but what really sets PDFelement apart from its competitors is the active and thriving community of users who work together to ensure the success of the product. The community are great at answering any questions from new users and making sure that any potential bugs or issues are swiftly identified and reported. If you have any questions about how you can best use PDFelement in your business then the community is the ideal place to start. These are people who value the product and use it every day. If there is something you want to know, no matter how obscure it might seem, they have probably already discovered how to do it.

An all-round quality package

PDFelement looks and acts like a proper PDF Editor. It allows every detail of the file to be managed, including embedded graphics. The ability to work with digital signatures and watermarks is a vital feature for enterprise customers, however it is the ability to convert PDFs to other formats, in particular to the widely used MS Office formats that will prove to be the greatest benefit for many people.

Both Acrobat® DC and PDFelement are high quality products that could serve your business well. For small and medium sized enterprises PDFelement may be the better choice. The cost of Acrobat® DC would be a sizeable investment for a small business, while PDFelement offers similar functionality at a fraction of the price. PDFelement also has great support options for businesses of all sizes while Acrobat® DC is more focused on larger enterprises.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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$129.99 $159
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