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Top 5 Features & Benefits of Volume Licensing Program

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Volume licensing program is offered by manufacturers so that a single key can be used to install software which has been purchased under bulk licensing. Multiple installations can be performed with that single product key which makes management easy. Volume licensing program also makes the software affordable to midsized companies and startups.

5 Big Benefits of Volume Licensing Program

A business growth strategy is not a simple, or unified thing that your business can do to expand. Simply put, a business growth strategy is a combination of several strategies that you combine together to reach maximum results. Some aspects of a business growth strategy include market penetration, market expansion, product expansion and diversification of your product. But they are all separate aspects of the complete strategy a company has.

1. Single license key for multiple computers to simplify management

When you apply for volume license, you get a single unique product key. This product key can be used for installations on hundreds of computers. The problem of entering separate serial numbers each time is eliminated. A single key is enough to handle multiple license management. Future expansion of software can also be done using the product key which was set originally.

When you are using one product key, there is no need to remember or tackle different serial numbers to configure your software. The whole licensing plan becomes easy along with the ease to track licensed product. Since it utilizes a single key, all licensed software can be effectively monitored and controlled by the administrator. They get the ability to centrally manage a wide range of products under volume licensing.

volume license

2. Great budget benefits

Purchasing separate license each time results in unnecessary high expenses. When you have many workstations which will require the software, it is wise to opt for volume licensing plans. Licenses can be issued on per seat basis can bring down the administrative costs followed by annual true-ups. Whatever be your budget position, bulk licensing can make the expense flexible depending on your requirements.

Maintaining and keeping track of your company budget is very crucial. You have to predict the costs, estimate earnings and draw up the budget. When software is under volume licensing, it is easy to monitor the installs and the resources being used. It eliminates the unexpected expenses on buying extra licenses in middle of the year disrupting the budget. Bulk licensing is also beneficial for budget forecasting as there is only one purchase order to handle.

volume licensing program

3. Customized volume license agreement

Depending upon your needs, the volume licensing plans can be customized. It is possible to form multi-year agreements which make it easy for business to scale their orders anytime during the agreement period. Companies get attractive discounts and incentives for any additional order or license made during the program tenure.

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4. Multiple deployment options

Volume licensed business products come with useful deployment options. After all, the software is meant to be used by employees on their workstations. Installing them manually on each machine is hectic and time taking. So it can be fist deployed on the server and pushed on the target computers in the organization. The whole deployment system is managed by the administrator who has the power to decline or authorize an install or user.

5. Direct point of contact

When you go for bulk licensing, a dedicated executive will remain by your side to help you make your decisions. You will get all information regarding licensing plans and get to know about licensing discounts and benefits. Whatever may your business type and requirements be, stay sure to find the perfect volume licensing plan that suits your needs.

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