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How to Use Foxit PDF Toolkit

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

As paperless and remote working becomes more and more common for a wide range of businesses, PDF documents have become an almost universal part of the day to day workflow. They were made for simple, cross-platform document sharing, but with the demands of today’s digital world more and more is being asked of PDFs that they weren’t created for.
To deal with this issue more and more PDF programs have come on to the market. Here we explain one of those programs Foxit PDF Toolkit.

What is Foxit PDF toolkit?

As part of Foxit’s family of programs aimed at giving companies the best tools to work effectively with PDFs, the Foxit PDF Toolkit provides a set of command modules to perform a wide range of PDF workflow tasks.
The developers at Foxit have considered the most used functions needed when working with PDF such as batch conversion, converting to different file types, PDF security, redaction, watermarking and PDF flattening in creating this toolkit. The program also offers workflow options to protect and secure your PDF documents for sharing.
Foxit PDF Toolkit has taken common workflow issues of working with PDF documents and has solved all of them in a simple to use platform. This software can help open up the full potential of working with PDFs.

Features and benefits of Foxit PDF Toolkit

Foxit Tookit has a range of solutions to get the most out of your PDF workflow:

Convert PDF files to a range of other file types: With Foxit you can quickly and easily convert PDF into other file types for use in other programs. File types include Excel, Word, HTML and TXT.

Convert files to PDF: It is also possible to convert large numbers of images, files and documents into PDF from a range of different file types and from other programs.
Edit PDF files: Foxit have provided simple tools to redact information, add Headers or Footers and watermark PDF documents from within the program.
Set document metadata: This tool is helpful when organizing and searching for PDF documents.
Security and protection tools: Foxit takes the security and protection of your sensitive documents very seriously. Secure your documents with password and set permissions.
The program also allows you to encrypt and protect PDF files with permissions and authorization through programmatic interfaces to stop sensitive information being edited, copied or printed.
Optimise PDF performance: The Toolkit allows the optimization of files to reduce their size and save disk space. This also makes storing and sending documents much easier.

High-volume PDF workflows can be automated: Save time and resources by automating high-volume PDF workflow tasks like converting or saving with Foxit.
Simple plug and play functionality
CLI and API interfaces: Foxit have opened up the Toolkit for developers to make full use of it within their own systems and requirements.
Superior and robust performance: Foxit have created a Toolkit that always works when you need it and is free of bugs and issues.

How to use Foxit PDF Toolkit

This is how to get started with Foxit PDF Toolkit on your systems:

  • Check your system requirements: Is your system compatible with the Foxit PDF Toolkit?
  • Visit the Foxit website and download: The download can be found at here. There is a free trial to try the software before committing to it. This is available on a 30-day trial.
  • Unpack the Zip file: The program will come as a zip file. You will need to extract this into your desired location/local folder. It is recommended to rename the package and unzip to a directory of the same name.
  • Start the application: Open a terminal session and visit the installation location to start running the application.
  • Register modules with Foxit: When using the full program, out of trial, you will need to purchase the modules you wish to use. When you receive an activation code for the module you will need to activate it in the Command Prompt window using the command ‘register’. Now, a. Click on the Start menu. b. Type "cmd" in the Search programs and files box and press Enter. In the opening Command Prompt window, type "cd C:\pdftools" to navigate to the installation location.
  • Read up on the full workings of Foxit PDF Toolkit: This software is a hugely help toolkit for working with PDFs and has a lot of functions and commands to get to grips with to understand its full capabilities. Take time to familiarise yourself with the program during the trial period to understand how it can work for you. For full information and guidance visit the full User Manual at here

This is a simple guide to getting started with Foxit PDF Toolkit on your systems and is not intended as a full guide to using the program. For full instructional information refer to the official Foxit User Manual and the Foxit website. Getting started with Foxit and learning about its many functions will provide you with a suite of useful tool for working successfully with PDF documents.

foxit pdf toolkit

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