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How to Read, Edit, Print and Download Free Legal Documents 2024

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Drafting of legal documents is not much about the one who drafts them, but more for the one who receives them. The starting point of any free legal documents is that they need to address the recipient. If you are a lawyer, you are not writing for your boss, your university, or for your ego. You are writing for your client, colleague, opponent, judge, or even journal readers. They all have different experiences and perspectives. So, when you are crafting free legal documents, you need to take two things in consideration. The first one is to find the best template, and the second is to find great PDF software to edit the legal documents.

Tips for Downloading Free Legal Documents

When you are looking for free legal documents, it is important to know for who you write/edit those documents for. Not all people are the same, and not all understand the same terms and complexity. Here are some tips.

  • When you are downloading free legal documents for bank clients, you do not have to use complex explanations of straightforward tasks
  • Legal documents for individual requesting advices on things like taxation require change in the language and terms used. Make sure to tone down the complex terms, and use a different sentence structure
  • And when you are preparing legal documents for court submissions, remember that you need to persuade someone, not to give advice.

Luckily for you, there are a number of free legal documents online that you can easily download. When you are looking to download free legal documents, make sure you are downloading from a reliable source. Look for websites that have attorneys preparing their documents. This way, you know that the documents are legally binding, and you know it will take you only few minutes to make the necessary changes.

Best Software to Manage Legal Document

We will discuss what is a good legal document, and how to find the best free legal documents. But for now, we need to address the PDF software you need to create and edit legal documents. The software in question is PDFelement for Business, a tool with a robust set of features you can use. Here are some of them:

power of attorney sample

  • The general power of attorney form is a legal form giving authorization to the agent. Because it is general, the number of decisions the agent can make is broad and includes almost everything from legal, to business and financial decisions. The spectrum is large, and not specified.
  • Durable power of attorney forms remain valid even when the principal becomes invalid or incompetent. These forms are used mostly when you want to assign an agent that will take care of business even when you become incompetent legally.
  • Limited power of attorney is when the principal specifies the decisions the agent can make. There is a limited number of decisions, and sometimes the form is limited in time.
  • The health care power of attorney form is among the most commonly used ones. These are signed usually between relatives, giving partners/relatives the power to make health care decisions for the principal. The agent is responsible for providing info to the doctors how the principal would like to be treated in case of something happens.
  • Last, but not least, we have revocation of power of attorney form, which is the revocation is used to revoke the authority and give it to someone else.

How to Read, Edit and Print Legal Documents

When you need to prepare a PDF document that is legal, you need to read it first, edit, and print it. Here is how you can do that with PDFelement.

  • Convert any document into fully editable and searchable PDF document
  • Edit your document with ease, including adding fields, annotations, highlights, comments, sticky notes
  • Print PDF documents
  • Protect sensitive data with the redaction tool
  • Easily search PDF documents thanks to OCR technology that recognizes 20 languages

And here is how you can use the software to edit power of attorney document.

Step 1: How to Read Free Legal Documents

In order to read free legal documents, you need to open them. There are different ways to open and read free legal documents. The first one is to open the PDFelement, and then drag and drop a PDF file into it. The second way is to click "Open", browse and find the PDF file, and then open it. You can also click "Open" > "Open Recent Files".

Then just click on "View" tab, and there are multiple reading modes you can select. You can choose "Fit Width" "Fit Page" "Single" "Continuous" "Facing" "Facing Continuous" or "Full Screen". Just use the most comfortable mode for your legal documents.

free legal documents online

Step 2: How to Edit Free Legal Documents

There are many things you can edit. For example, you can edit text, but you can also edit images. And the latest version of PDFelement includes spell check, allowing you to check if there are spelling mistakes in your text.

If you want to edit the text in the document, click "Edit" > "Edit Text". Click the text you want to edit, type new text, and delete the previous text. There are two ways you can edit text. The first one is "Paragraph mode", marking the whole paragraph, and "Line Mode", marking each line separately.

You can also edit image, and shape of objects. Go to "Edit" > "Edit Object", and click the image or the object you want to edit. A blue box will appear around the object, and you can drag it to move. You can also put the mouse on the edge of the blue box, and resize the image. There are many other options as well.

legal documents free

Step 3: How to Print Free Legal Documents

You can print any PDF document after you finish reading or editing the document. To print a PDF document, you need to follow these instructions. Click "File" > "Print", and then specify the printer you want to use. Aside from specifying the printer, you need to select page range, print mode, and page size. Enter all the parameters, and then click "Print".

free printable legal documents

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