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Top 5 Productivity Improvement Techniques - Updated

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Productivity is the most desirable trait for employees and employers alike. People in the corporate and business world rate productivity to be among the top skills required to be successful in the modern office culture. Productivity improvement techniques are now taught in orientation and training session in offices and some colleges also host various seminars to let fresh graduates optimize their skills by using technology to increase their productivity.

As technology integrates in every walk of life, the question everyone starting a new job or a business is how can technology improve productivity? What productivity improvement techniques does technology offer to make the most of their careers and official lives? We have made a list of top 5 productivity techniques that every entrepreneur, jobber, business-man, and college student should incorporate in their lives.

5 Productivity Improvement Techniques

1. PDFelement for Business

Documents, especially PDF files for business, are the most vital part of an office environment. Everything official starts and ends with documents. The best thing you could do is get a premium, efficient document manager that lets you manage your documents absolutely hassle-free. Most of the organizations use PDFs for documents and most of the work requires to be finalized in PDFs. We recommend you get PDFelement for business as an all-rounder, efficient and powerful documents tool.

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It will let you take care of most of your official and personal document related works without even leaving the application. You can use it to modify, convert, and sign and a lot of other things to your documents. You can even scan papers and convert them to text with this productivity improvement technique. This will let you move on to a paperless environment and make your documents searchable and more manageable. All in all, a great way to manage your documents so you can be stress-free to focus on other important things.

2. Use a Modern Tool for Communicating with Your Team

Communication is the key in any successful team. With a number of different communication platform popping up every few days, it is hard to keep all your team on one platform - but doing so is the key to achieving maximum productivity.

management techniques to improve productivity

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are fine to communicate informally, but when it comes to work, you need a platform that gives you added functionalities and understands the fabrics of teamwork and required tools for efficient planning. You should move all your team members to either Slack or Asana for any official communication. These two platforms give you a lot more flexibility and functionalities that is required to do organized and optimal work. You can assign tasks, goals, track progress, set milestones and do much more with these platforms.

3. Restrict Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites are great for a lot of things but productivity isn't one of them. Almost everyone believes that a major distraction among jobbers and working people are social networking websites. The most heard productivity improvement technique is logging off these social networking websites and getting to work. Some even advising deactivating your accounts from these websites, but that does not work for everyone.

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If you find yourself still going to these websites in the middle of work, we suggest you get the "Kill News Feed" extension for Chrome as it will hide your Facebook newsfeed and naturally force you to get back to work. The best way would be to keep away from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. during the working hours and browse them at home.

4. Work in Sprints

Any software developer would tell you that the fastest way to get work done is in sprints. What it actually means is that you work with all your attention and focus on a particular task for a "sprint" of 30-40 minutes and then take a break. What it does is provide you a productivity zone in which you give your 100% to the work and get the most done in this sprint. Then you take a little break and get back to do another sprint. This is particularly useful for longer projects and tasks which is then broken into smaller subtasks and conquered by division.

techniques of productivity improvement

5. Keep Your Smartphone at a Distance

Smartphones are swarmed with notifications, alerts, emails and whatnot. Every time your phone beeps or vibrates, you pick it up and check it. It has become second nature to us and is actually draining our time and energy. When you get to work, keep your smartphone at a distance of about 10 feet. This will make you get up only in case of calls, and that is actually better for you because then you would have to walk a little and break the stiff routine of sitting all day. Also, it would allow you to focus a lot more on your work and worry less about the notifications and alerts.

techniques to improve productivity

Technology improves productivity in a lot of ways, sometimes by using it and sometimes by avoiding it. We have given you the ways where technology does improve your productivity and you should incorporate those in your work life. How technology increase productivity does depend totally upon yourself and your determination to use it for your gain and not for your loss.

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