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Best 5 Software Deployment Tools for Enterprise

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Every industry makes use of software to handle their operations. Installing and maintaining applications on vast number of workstations manually is difficult. To release, install and manage software and configure from a center server or computer automatically, you need the right software deployment tools. What makes software deployment tools so important? Of course the effectiveness, competition, productivity and safety. Choosing the right software deployment tools can help companies save time and increase effectiveness vastly.

Top 5 Software Deployment Tools for Enterprise


Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager is a tool for distributing software, patches, remote control, OS deployments, etc. It works for Windows based PC and also from iOS and Android devices.

software deployment solutions


  • Comprehensive management over multiple platforms


  • No warning provided for failed deployments or installations.

Below are the steps to deploy Software with SCCM:

Step 1: Choose the Application to Deploy

An Adobe application is used as an example in the tutorial. You have to set up SCCM as per your needs. Then access Applications and select the software Adobe. Then press Deploy.

software deployment manager

Step 2: Specific Settings for Deployment

The Deploy Software Wizard has to be configured now. We have named our target distribution group as BPO users. Hit Next to continue.

software deployment project plan

Step 3: Deploy Software Successfully

The Deployment Settings need to be defined depending on the actions you want to perform on the user end. Here we are installing the software by choosing Install. You can also set the option of user approvals for installations. Select "Next" and the software is deployed to the chosen target.

best deployment software

2. Group Policy

Windows server can utilize an extension called Group Policy to remotely control and deploy software and configurations to a user group. It uses Group Policy Objects to configure and control user devices.

deployment in software engineering


  • Secured way of deploying over a network


  • Organizing and handling large number of GPOs is difficult

3. PDQ Deploy

Enterprises can use a central computer to remotely deploy MSI, EXE, MSP batch installations through PDQ Deploy.

deploy software to networked computers


  • Applications features can be edited before deploying


  • Features like automated Windows update repository are missing

4. Citrix

Citrix servers provide virtual desktop sessions, software deployments, SaaS applications distributions and more to multiple types of devices.

active directory software deployment


  • Suitable for apps and mobile applications


  • It is a costly solution

5. Windows Terminal Server

Windows Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Services can deploy and control user end devices through a number of ways. Applications first need to be installed on server for distribution.

deployment management software


  • Does not require high-end hardware


  • Not compatible with all kinds of software

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