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Getting ahead of other applicants in a designer job is as good as the work you put in the application. With a designer cover letter you can move up the queue. Whether it's a junior designer cover letter you can do it well with some help. The following cover letter designer tips and sample will help you put your best leg forward.

Free Designer Cover Letter Template

designer cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for designer. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Designer Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Barbara Mistral
Domtown, CA 45777
Cell: (555) 444-7777
Email: bm@thedomain.com

March 14, 2018

Mr. Jake Priest
Hiring Director
Abscond Corporation
54 Guardson Ave.
Domtown, CA 45777

Dear Mr. Priest,

I read the open position for Graphic Designer at hrmmedium.com with interest considering my 8 year experience in Graphic Design. I hold a Master's in Computer Science and Graphics Design high diploma.

For the last 5 years I have been working as the Chief Graphic Designer with Greers Designers Ltd. During this time, I have been able to hone and develop my web designing skills and perfected my graphic design abilities. My varied experience has allowed me to be proficient in diverse graphic design projects, from creation of top quality logos, website templates, book covers and brochures, flyers to all manner of marketing content.

I have also gained lots of experience and competency with diverse tools such as Inventor, Dreamweaver, InDesign, AutoCAD, Flash, Adobe CS Suite, and various 3D imaging tools like CATIA, 3DS Max, Flux and Maya.

My belief in providing cost-effective, creative and practical solutions is unequaled, including strong observance of recommendations, guidelines and directions form clients. My other noteworthy competences include but not limited to:

  • Execution and conceptualization of effective online marketing campaign for a regional printing press
  • Development of website templates and optimization of portals for multinational tech companies, three of which had a turnover of over $50 billion last year
  • Developed layout and cover page for a new Sports Magazine for teens and book covers for 10 top authors in North America

Enclosed is my resume with more information on my qualifications and skills. I hope to meet you in person to discuss your needs and the open position. Do get in touch with me through my phone or email.

Thank you for your patience and kind consideration.

Barbara Mistral
Cell: (555) 444-7777
Email: bm@thedomain.com

Tips for Writing Designer Cover Letter

  • Make it short and concise. Ensure that the designer cover letter is not over one page, incoherent or carelessly done. Make the most of a cover letters for designers sample to help you create the perfect document. Succinct language use throughout will earn you extra accolades.
  • Stand out in the cover letter. Both your abilities and the cover letter designer need to stand out. You're a creative who know the value of a quality well-done piece. Ensure it shines more than any other out there. You can make your words as creative as possible and crisp to capture the hiring manager's attention.
  • Brag to make your skills shine. At times, writing too much about yourself can be seen as bragging but not when you're detailing your competences and abilities in relation to the job requirements. Simply highlight your great attributes, experience, abilities and how this would help you excel in the position even if it's a junior designer cover letter.
  • Avoid generic language in the cover letter for designer. Use of certain words could give the screener the impression you lack in certain expertise or not as professional as they would want. Such words as ‘hard-working', ‘great', ‘awesome' should be shunned.
  • Make the most of bullet points. Bullets not only enhance the readability and organization of the cover letter but also make formatting effective. They're also easy to read and impress upon the reader that they're reading main and quick points.
  • Go big with brands. You're a graphic designer who has worked with gigantic brands, renowned companies and businesses and individuals of note. Don't let this huge competitive advantage pass by just like that. Don't be timid in showing them, detailing the big names you've worked with, huge projects you've collaborated with and in which industry. Slip in great examples of your previous work to impress the reader.
  • Show your well-rounded creativity. Through the job requirements you probably already know what the employer is looking for. However, since a designer, for instance a graphic designer is expected to be creative in diverse spheres show that you indeed are and you're a very valuable potential employee. Have you done a photo shoot? Edited a film? Written great content for a website or magazine? Drew cartoons for a magazine? Don't end the cover letter without mentioning these possible goldmines that could tilt the bar for you and impress the hiring manager.
  • Display growth in your cover letter. If you've lots of experience in your design career demonstrate growth to the employer. For instance, mention leadership roles you took, new projects you undertook or your senior role in a previous company. Show the potential employer you are ready and able to grow and impact their business through the cover letter web designer piece.
  • Reread and edit your work. Don't just go with the first draft. Reread and revise to find any grammatical mistakes and misspellings. See whether you got the hiring manager's name or the title of the company right.

How to Edit Designer Cover Letter Template

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the best PDF editor to help you edit PDF cover letter templates. It can change the contents, graphics, forms and any other elements in the PDF templates easily. With the security tools, you can protect your cover letter from being stolen.

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Step 1. Open the Designer Cover Letter Template

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Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

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Step 3. Complete and Save Your Designer Cover Letter

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