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Applying for entry-level job positions can be challenging because you might not have much work experience to back up your cover letter. However, it can be easy to find transferable skills in other experience you won't realise you have. In this guide, we'll show you an entry-level cover letter example that you can use as a template for your first entry-level cover letter.

Entry-Level Cover Letter Template

entry level cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for entry level. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Entry-Level Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Below you'll find a good example of how to write an entry-level cover letter:

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Company Manager
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Dear Mr. Summers,

Re: Entry-level Aeronautical Engineering Internship

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across your advertisement for an Aeronautical Engineering intern. Your company is one of the leading names in aeronautical solutions, and I would relish in the opportunity to join you. My CV is attached for your consideration.

I recently graduated from OpenCloud University with an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering. For 4 years I have been taught from the ground up, learning flight deck design, the inner workings of propulsion systems, and I have even had the privilege to use flight simulators and computerised wind tunnels in my studies. Over the course of my time at University, I also became well versed in computer-aided design software and techniques, and advanced flight technology.

The experiences I've had over the last few years have allowed me to develop good time management, organisational skills, and great attention to detail. I am used to working as part of a team, but I have also retained the initiative needed to work alone when needed. More recently, I was on a work-study placement for 3 months with Open Sky Co., who partner with OpenCloud University to provide students interested in aeronautical design the opportunity to work with professionals in the field.

I have been looking for a chance to show my skills and take my first step out into the world. I believe that this entry-level internship with your company could be exactly what I'm looking for. You'll benefit from a graduate with a first degree, who has experience in the professional field, and is willing to tackle this position head-on.

I am excited to discuss my application with you further.

Warm regards,
Your Name

Tips for Writing Entry-Level Cover Letter

Alongside this entry-level cover letter sample, you might benefit from a few of our best tips for entry-level cover letter writing. Cover letters for entry-level job applications can be tricky, but these tips are sure to help.

  • Mention any qualifications you have that match the job or the job description. Include any specific areas of knowledge that you have which relate to the job, as well as skills and experience.
  • Describe your skills and relate them to the open job position.
  • Mention volunteer experience, internships, work experience, and even placements you were on during study years.
  • Point out your leadership experience (if you headed a society or club at a University, for example.)
  • Make sure that the skills that you mention relate to the job role.
  • No matter who you are, or what experience you have, you can at least say that you are organised, and have good time management skills. Organisation is in every part of life.
  • Focus on the positive. Even in a entry-level cover letter, don't apologise for your lack of experience.
  • Stay professional. You should keep a friendly tone from start to finish.
  • Use proper formatting, like the entry-level cover letter sample above.
  • Remember that employers are willing to overlook lack of experience if they feel like you're a teachable and intelligent applicant.
  • Don't brag. Point out your experiences, tell a story if it's suitable for the cover letter, but don't brag about the things you've accomplished.
  • Clearly introduce yourself and what you're applying for. A strong introduction at the start of a cover letter should be able to grab a reader's attention and make them want to finish reading your application.
  • If you're including a CV in your job application, mention it in your cover letter. That way, if the employer doesn't receive it, and they're interested in your application, they'll ask for it.
  • Remember that you're applying for an entry-level position. It doesn't matter if this is an internship, apprenticeship, or a standard job. Everyone who applies at entry-level comes in with the same kind of experience. It's your job to write a compelling entry-level cover letter that stands out from the crowd.

With all of these tips and the entry-level cover letter example above, we’re positive that you should have no trouble writing your first cover letter for an entry-level position. If you get stuck, remember to refer back to this article.

How to Edit Entry-Level Cover Letter Template

If you are interested in the PDF cover letter template in this article, just download it for free and then make changes to the contents to make it your own entry-level cover letter. To edit the template, you can try Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor, to help you. The following are the key features of this tool.

cover letter for entry level

Step 1. Open the Entry-Level Cover Letter Template

entry level cover letter sample

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

entry level cover letter example

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Entry-Level Cover Letter

entry level cover letter
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