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Applying for a massage therapist job doesn't have to be demanding with a massage therapist cover letter. Getting the details right is key and a massage therapy cover letter makes this easy for you. With the following cover letter for massage therapist position, including a sample and tips, you can write the best cover letter possible to enhance your chances.

Massage Therapist Cover Letter Template

massage therapy cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for massage therapy. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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cover letter massage therapy position sample massage therapy cover letter
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Massage Therapist Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Annah Parsons
Maryland, MD 43271
Phone: 333-653-8181
Email: mipa@moden.com

April 05, 2018

Mr. Martin Hoffman
Tacky Wellbeing Salon & Spa,
32 Johnston View.
Maryland, MD 43271

Re: Massage Therapist Position

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

This is a show of interest in the Massage Therapist Position advertised in spahr.com. I am a certified and trained massage therapist with 7 years' experience in the industry and love offering a quality service to every customer. In my previous position at Belle Parlor Ltd I provided lots of massage services for diverse clients, practically every day with heavy schedules over the weekend, including selling diverse spa and wellbeing products and offering consultations.

I always enhancing my massage therapy knowledge and perfecting techniques and teaching new ones all the time and pride in my continued education and advancement. I am constantly called upon to talk to clients, including difficult ones to calm them down due to my interpersonal skills and calmness. I love experimenting on quality products of all kind to improve massage offering while stimulating customer senses that over the years has led to increased sales and customer bookings. I am able to endure long hours due to my physical ability that I work so hard to maintain.

I was awarded $500 for the best message therapist of the month in my previous place of worker and have a loyal client following constantly looking for my services. I would love to bring all these and more to Tacky Wellbeing Salon & Spa.

Do contact me via phone or email to schedule an interview to discuss your needs face to face and the open position. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Annah Parsons
Phone: 333-653-8181
Email: mipa@moden.com

Tips for Writing a Massage Therapist Cover Letter

  • Highlight sough experience: In the massage therapist cover letter ensure all the experience the employer is seeking as indicated in the job description is highlighted. The job description probably includes repeated phrases and words you should incorporate in the body of the letter. It helps the recruiter to see in you what they're looking for.
  • Education not the focus: Resume already includes degrees, certifications and other education information; the massage therapist cover letter need not focus on it. Just highlight the ways your qualifications, skills and experience meet the needs of the potential employer.
  • Reaffirm yourself: With the resume already done, you should use the massage therapy cover letter to reaffirm yourself and show potential employer your value. In the process the cover letter will be selling you if you craft it with a proper positive mindset.
  • Massage therapist cover letter sample and templates: Getting started is always a challenge while crafting a winning cover letter for a massage therapist. Getting much needed help from the beginning helps and cover letter samples and templates are perfect way of getting details right and formatting properly from the start. The professional samples help you to maintain the same professionalism throughout.
  • Focus on company not yourself: Resume already focuses on yourself but with the cover letter for massage therapist ensure you're only focusing on the company and what you are providing them to meet their needs. A recruiter will be looking at what you're presenting and already know what they offer their employees.
  • Be honest throughout: Avoid adding false information about yourself or experience in the massage therapist cover letter. Whether it gets you a future interview it could also doom your chances of working in the dream company.
  • Reread and revise: It's sacrilegious to submit a well written cover letter massage therapist without having reread, revised and edited it. The worst thing you can do is not revise your work. Chances are in your mind you feel you've written a quality document without errors but some of them cannot be helped. By taking some time to reread with the intention of identifying and rectifying misspellings and grammatical errors you will ensure your striking cover letter actually remains so if not better.

How to Edit Massage Therapist Cover Letter Template

PDF cover letter is your best choice to send with your resume, as PDF format is the standard format in workplace and becomes more and more popular now. After downloading a PDF cover letter template, you can use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, the best PDF editor to help you modify and customize it.

cover letter massage therapist

Step 1. Open the Massage Therapist Cover Letter Template

cover letter for massage therapist

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

massage therapy cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Massage Therapist Cover Letter

massage therapist cover letter
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