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A phlebotomy cover letter can get you hired or called for an interview fast. Whether you've no prior experience or been in phlebotomy for decades a cover letter for phlebotomy job can change the mind of the screener easily. Don't know how to write one? Here are tips and cover letter examples for phlebotomy jobs to help you.

Free Phlebotomy Cover Letter Template

phlebotomy job cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for a phlebotomy job. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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cover letter phlebotomy job sample phlebotomy job cover letter
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Phlebotomy Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Sarah Parker
1 Avenue, Master Pie, AZ 02037
Cell: (555) 098-43087

March 14, 2018

Marcus Currey
Mary Jackson Health Center
2 Hark Chanson Road
Master Pie, AZ 09876

Dear Mr. Currey,

This is a reply to your advert on your website and the Evening Post for a Phlebotomist position in Mary Jackson Health Center. I have worked for five years at Mizpa Highland Health as the resident phlebotomist where I honed my skills and understanding of the appropriate procedures and techniques. My certification, training and vast experience in carrying out complex and detailed laboratory procedures give me the confidence to apply for the position whose requirements align with my qualifications.

My skillset in carrying out diverse phlebotomy tasks are congruent with the job requirements, especially:

  • Arterial, capillary and venipuncture procedures on diverse patients
  • Proper labeling and identification of blood specimen
  • Operating and setting up control methods for infections, equipment for blood collection and plasmapheresis gadgetry automation
  • Certified Phlebotomy Diploma credentials and currently working on Nursing Certification
  • Working seamlessly with staff and patients and responding effectively to supervisors, nurses and caregivers

Working at Mary Jackson Health Center would be a dream come true. Please find enclosed my resume detailing more about my qualifications, competences, skills and references. I am ready for an in-person meeting or interview to discuss the post and the skills required. You can reach me by phone or email at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sarah Parker
(555) 098-43087

Tips for Writing Phlebotomy Cover Letter

In the phlebotomy cover letter, you need to give the reader a compelling reason why you're perfect for the position. Your experiences and competences should be well explained.

A cover letter for a phlebotomy job helps you show your commitment and knowledge in healthcare. In your cover letter add information such as:

How you're attentive to details - Phlebotomist deal with patient samples and records. Mentioning or indicating how accurate you're shouldn't be in question.

Safety awareness - The job has a lot to do with bodily fluids and precaution is always required to guarantee worker and patient safety.

Communication abilities - Whether it's communicating with other staff in the health industry such as nurses and doctors as well as patients your communication abilities should be well enumerated. Making a patient feel calm and at ease during a test or drawing bodily fluids is critical.

Calmness - You can go a step further and indicate how relaxed and calm you always are even in the most stressful of surroundings.

Put yourself in the screener's shoes - Remember the cover letter will be read by the hiring manager, employer or human resource person. If you were the screener, would you call yourself for an in-person interview? Use phlebotomy cover letter examples to get details right.

Knowledge demonstration - It's possible lots of cover letters will be sent in response to the phlebotomy position. If you won't demonstrate impressive details and knowledge than others chances are your document will just be like any other. For instance, saying where you saw the advert, something about the company, etc. can help you move ahead of the queue.

Show results delivery - Whether you use bullets, percentage, or metrics showing your ability to deliver results is very important. Quantify some of your impressive accomplishments as much as you can such as how many years in the industry, hospitals, or organizations worked for, achievements in percentages, accomplished targets among others.

Bring phlebotomy resume cover letter home - Having proved you're qualified for the job and clearly indicated your skills go ahead and end the document strongly. Indicate you've enclosed the resume and there's more to know there. You can also let the reader know you anticipate their call or you intend to call or email them in a couple of days or week to follow up on the position.

Revise and edit - Most people work on the cover letter last. At times the document is sent without having reread to remove spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Any cover letter with errors hardly builds confidence about you no matter how qualified or experienced you're. Read through aloud or ask another person to read the document before you submit.

Also, ensure the name of the hiring manager, contact person, or company is well captured and written. Use cover letter examples for phlebotomy jobs to help you craft an impeccable and strong document the screener will be impressed by.

How to Edit Phlebotomy Cover Letter Template

After free download the phlebotomy cover letter template in this page, you need a professional PDF editor, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, to make modifications to the templates. This tool can help you customize a PDF cover letter to fit your own experience.

phlebotomy cover letter examples

Step 1. Open the Phlebotomy Cover Letter Template

phlebotomy resume cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter examples for phlebotomy jobs

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Phlebotomy Cover Letter

cover letter for phlebotomy job
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