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Wide Application of PDF Format in E-government

The concept of E-government is emerging rapidly with the passage of time. However, there are few hurdles when it comes to the application of PDF. Well, this guide is here to give you an overview of E-government and why choose PDF in E-government. Stick to the guide till the end.

Part 1. Overview of E-government

To deliver government services effectively, e-governance is the application of IT used for it. It is exchange of information, communication transactions and many other important entities. Government services reach the citizen end with great convenience and transparent manner. It comes with no distinct boundaries, as it is to offer a variety of ICT services to citizens in an economical manner. E-governance is the use of technology to build a strong relationship between government and citizens. It is integration of various stand-alone systems between government to business, government to citizen, and government to employees. The rapidly prevailing e-governance is evident in portraying the blessings of technology.

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In order to fully switch to government to citizen e-governance, it will cost bulk of investment in both development and implementation. E-governance took speed since 1990s, and it became a broad subject matter. To keep up to the demands of the 21st century, governments around the world have put immense effort to establish effective e-governance.

In the coming times, its is expected that e-governance will flourish with much more speed. New mediums of communication are in the developing-process and governments are investing heavily. To limit the interaction of government services and citizens in person, e-governance is taking over. It is less time consuming and more convenient for the people of the world. Through E-government, the process of public administration has become facile. E-governance is also responsible for putting more power in the hands of citizens.

Part 2. Why Choose PDF Document in E-government

Once you’ve had an overview of e-government, the question arises that why choose PDF document for it? Well, PDF stands for “Portable Document Format,” this are the files which are easily saved and read but are troubling when it comes to modifying. Almost every system has the reader for this type of document format. It is used for final form electronic documents. One of the most famous plus points of pdf files is that it may be produced by any application that can print.

The portability of PDF format is remarkable, you never need to worry about what’s it is going to look like at the other end, as everything is same as you’ve set up. The name of this format is evident in telling its qualities. Another reason to choose pdf document in e-government is that any pdf page may be intermixed with any other pdf page in the same file.

As almost every system has pdf reader, it is easy at the citizen end to read government documents. The formatting stays the same and everything else is in the perfect condition as you send it, making it convenient for government and citizens to communicate.

A wide range of layouts are available for the authors to precisely fit in their content. The file will print same as the author has arranged. The results are not hampered by the operating system, pdf reader, network connection status, or software version. When it is about Word, HTML, or PowerPoint, fonts and sizes are changed by many factors but not in the case of PDF.

The most admiring thing about pdf format is that you don’t need to have a bulk of information to create a pdf file. It contains features such as navigation bookmarks, fillable forms, metadata, annotations, and digital signatures. It is equipped with all the tools that would make the communication between government and citizen satisfactory.

Part 3. Application of PDF in E-government

The use of pdf in e-government is vast. There are a lot of utilities to be discussed, but adding watermark and digital signature is two of the most useful of them all. Here are the methods you can use to add watermark and create signature using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, one of the finest software available on the internet;

1. Add watermark

Watermark plays a very significant role when it comes to e-government. It surely acts as a security tool for pdf documents. Here is the method to do so;

Step 1Open your PDF

Initial step is to download and install PDFelement on your system and launch it. In the home window of the software, click “Open files” button and import the desired pdf file.

Step 2Insert Watermark

Once your document is open, you need to got to “Edit” option and select “Watermark.” Moving on, click on “New Watermark’ and a new window will open up. Here you can choose between text, file, or image watermark and also specify the location of watermark. The software allows you to further enhance the appearance, size, placement, and pages on which watermark will appear. After making all amendments, you can hit the “Save” button.

add watermark
Step 3Batch Watermark PDF files

If you wish to batch watermark pdf files, you can go to the “Tool” tab and click “Batch Process > Watermark.” In the next window you can choose the other pdf files to which you want to add watermark. After completing the whole process, click on “Apply” and save the pdfs at the desired location.

batch watermark

2.Create Signature

After adding watermark, you would be curious about creating a digital signature. Well, it is not as stiff as you think. As digital signatures are a core part of e-governance, here is a facile method to add signature in PDFs using PDFElement;

Step 1Open PDF and navigate to protect menu

Once you are done with downloading and launching the software, click on the “Open files” option to add the pdf on which you want to create a signature. After opening the file, navigate to the “Protect” Menu.

open pdf
Step 2Insert signature in PDF

In the “Protect” menu, click on the option “Sign Document” and move your cursor to the area where you want your signature to be. After doing this, a dialog box will open up with the title “Sign Document.”

sign document
Step 3Create new signature ID

You can create a new ID by clicking on the “New ID” button if you have added a signature to a pdf using PDFElement for the first time. To create a digital ID, you need to create one with your name, email address, business information, and much more. Once you’ve finished the process, you will come back to “Sign Document” window with your ID info evident on the screen. Now, click “Sign” for your signature to be added to the pdf file.

sign document


E-government is taking the world by storm, governments are rushing to make technological enhancement to cater the citizens. At both ends, there are some difficulties that need to be erased. PDF is highly applicable in e-governance due to its advanced features for both ends. You need to learn the techniques to deal with PDFs, and PDFelement is astonishing at it. With the rapid growth of e-government, it is essential for the people to know facile methods to add watermark or create a signature in PDFs.

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