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How to Fix Chrome Issues on macOS 10.14

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

The Chrome browser has ruled the roost of web browsers with its highly intuitive user interface, sleek operations, and magnificent extensibility. However, due to a motley of reasons ranging from Mac usage to conflicting extensions, the Chrome might repetitively crash, freeze, or fail to load pages. If you've gotten your wires crossed wondering whether to turn to Google or to Apple to fix Google Chrome issues on macOS 10.14, this article might be your saving grace. It outlines simple ways to solve google Chrome problems running on your mac.

How to Fix Google Chrome Problems on macOS 10.14

1. Chrome Runs Slow

If your Chrome is running at almost stall speeds, then it might be high time to appraise how the tabs and extensions opened on Chrome are making use of your CPU energy and space. On the whole, the sleek features and high efficiency of Chrome expend a lot of CPU energy and space. Hence, Chrome finds a congested CPU an inhibiting working environment. To solve this issue, check which opened tabs and extensions are tasking the CPU the most. On the opened chrome, tap the Settings icon (three stacked stripes), and then select "More Tools", and then select "Task Manager". In the Task manager window, click on the memory column to reveal the influences of the various activities of Chrome on memory. You can then choose to minimize the amount of time which the heavy-lifting sites and extensions are kept open. You can reduce the number of open tabs and extensions all together to make space for the more crucial ones.

You can also make out more space for the app by clearing out the cache. Click the Settings icon, and then select "More Tools", and then select "Clear Browsing Data". Check the types of browser data that you want to clear, and then tap the "Clear Browsing Data" option to solve Google Chrome problems running on your macOS 10.14.

fix google chrome problems on macos 10.14

2. Chrome Freezes Incessantly

This is an offshoot of the storage-related problem described above. In addition to running at stall speeds, Chrome can sustain the display of a spinning ball in the middle of the screen ad nauseam.

The solution offered for the issue discussed above also applies to fixing google chrome freezing on macOS 10.14, for obvious reasons. However, if app freezes top the point where it's impossible to navigate to the settings menu, you can force quit the app using Activity monitor, relaunch it, and then prosecute the steps for fixing the slow speed issue as described above.

3. Chrome Keeps Crashing

Chrome crashing means the slow speed and freezing issues have taken a turn for the worse. In this case, google chrome won't open in mac at all, and even if it does, it shuts off without any forewarning. This issue usually occurs when one of the extensions introduces a bug that corrupts the app.

To fix a chrome crash on macOS 10.14, disable each extension in turns to identify the corrupted one. Open the Settings menu and then select "Extensions", and then disable each in turn, closing and re-launching the app on each turn.

Click the Trash icon next to the identified culprit to remove it. You should also ensure that your Chrome has been updated. You will fix Google Chrome freezing on macOS 10.14 soon.

solve google chrome problems running on your macos 10.14

4. Chrome Can't Load Web Pages

A user may be thrown off balance by an “Aw snap!” error message that shows up when Chrome fails to load a web page. This problem is caused by lots of trigger events. However, there are a few measures that can be put in place to address this issue holistically; Check your internet connection; reboot your Mac; disable extensions; install any Chrome updates. If none of these measures resolves the issue, the last resort might be to reinstall Chrome,

fix google chrome issues on macos 10.14

5. Chrome Stability Issues

Chrome stability issues manifest as a combination of the aforementioned issues. The app could crash in one instance, and in another instance, it could fail to load web pages, or crash, refusing to shut down completely. This is also an app-extension-related problem. There could be a corrupted extension in the bunch, or some conflicting extensions that interfere with each other's activities.

To resolve this issue, use the technique proffered for the resolution of issue no 3 (Chrome Crashing Incessantly)

6. Chrome Update Fails

Users may realize that Chrome updates do not sail through successfully, even when every other app is being updated successfully.

If this issue is not caused by your internet connection, then a possible way around it might be to reset or reinstall Chrome manually. To reset Chrome, open the Settings menu on the opened Chrome window, select "Advanced Settings", and then select "Reset Settings", and then select "Reset" when prompted. Reopen the app, and then retry the update. If app still doesn't receive updates, reinstall the app by downloading the latest installation file and installing it.

fix google chrome freezing on macos 10.14

solve black screen after upgrade to macos 10.14

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