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OneDrive Can't Work on macOS 10.14? How to Fix

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

OneDrive for business on macOS 10.14 clients may come to realize that OneDrive is a far cry from a flawless tool for sharing work data when OneDrive processes leave them biting the dust in the middle of syncing operations. This challenge can bring about a negative rippling effect throughout an organization's chain of communication, and cause undesirable accumulation of inordinate log files.

For instance, OneDrive processes may go into overdrive, affecting heavy CPU usage that can cause a constant display of “processing changes” and work-in-progress signs. This challenge, among many others, might remain unresolved even after restarting the processes, rebooting the OS, and reinstalling the OneDrive for business on macOS 10.14. This article provides fine-tuned solutions to common problems of OneDrive on macOS 10.14.

The Common Problems of OneDrive on macOS 10.14

1. Sluggish Synchronization

OneDrive for business on macOS 10.14 clients may find themselves stuck in a slow synchronization process, especially when carrying out the synchronization on OneNote. As an offshoot of this issue, constant delays may hinder the installation of updates on OneNote.

2. SharePoint Sync Issues

Users may come to find that OneDrive for business on macOS 10.14 SharePoint isn't as ideal as previously thought. In some cases, downloads may work perfectly, but syncing up files to SharePoint folders might just prove abortive. As a consequence, users may be able to sync from SharePoint libraries to their Mac devices, but not from their devices to the SharePoint library.

3. External Users Denied Access to Shared Files

This happens when an external user opens a mail notification that conveys files shared via OneDrive for business on macOS 10.14 and clicks the link, but then a dialog box displaying an “access denied” message prevents access to the shared files.

4. Unavailability of the "Get Link" Option

UW-Madison's office 365 administrators do not support the “Get Link” feature, and this might bring about the unavailability of this feature to OneDrive for Business on macOS 10.14 clients.

5. Log-in Issues

In this case, a business office 365 account holder may find it impossible to sign into a newly installed OneDrive app using their valid office 365 account credentials. This issue can also prevent a user from adding a business account to Microsoft Onedrive for Business on macOS 10.14.

6. Lack of Storage Issues

User may be forced to consider deleting some files and folders when they come short of storage space for OneDrive. Lack of storage issues can also impel users to make less desirable file synchronizations of OneDrive folders.

How to Fix OneDrive Not Working on macOS 10.14

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 is a troubleshooting apparatus that diagnoses and resolves a number of OneDrive issues on MacOS 10.14. It runs a number of operations including updating the NGSC+B manually or automatically, reporting files and folders with excessive sizes and invalid characters in their titles, and lots more. The tool’s list of functionalities is put on display once the tool is run on the device. The tool is obtainable from http://diagnostics.outlook.com.

Nonetheless, there are a number of other alternative ways for fixing OneDrive for Business Mac app bottlenecks.

1. Deleting the OneDrive App

This option may still leave users stuck in the same problem since it does not effectuate a total OneDrive reset.

2. Terminating OneDrive Processes

This alternative entails the use of the Activity Monitor app to terminate “OneDrive” and “OneDrive Finder Integration” processes in order to restart the app.

3. Altering the Keychain

This option entails deleting app passwords from the keychain in order to reset the app.

4. Uninstalling OneDrive

This entails the complete deletion of the app from the device by the use of an uninstaller app like CleanMyMac, which completely dislodges the app and all files related to it, in order to download and install the app all over again.

5. Creating Adequate Storage Space

This addresses storage issues that occur when the device lacks sufficient space for the operations of OneDrive. Simply compare the OneDrive space requirements to the space available on the device, and move or delete files to create adequate space for the OneDrive app.

All in all, each of the aforementioned options might resolve certain OneDrive for business on macOS 10.14 Sharepoint sync issues but may fail to tackle other issues that are deeply rooted.

The following is a step-by-step guide for a OneDrive reset procedure which works for almost every issue that might hinder the use of the Microsoft OneDrive for business on macOS 10.14:

  • Terminate OneDrive Processes: The first step is to cancel any OneDrive process currently running on the device. Launch the Activity Monitor app found in the Utility folder. Locate and highlight the "OneDrive" and “OneDrive Finder Integration” items (if both business and personal versions of the app were installed there may be two variations of the OneDrive items listed). Tap the X button atop them, and then select the "Quit" option that pops up. If the OneDrive is still running, then select the "Force Quit" option.
  • Delete OneDrive Passwords: To reset OneDrive completely, the next course of action is to expunge all cached or stored user information, including passwords. Run the Keychain Access utility in the Utility folder, and input "OneDrive" in the search panel on the right upper corner of the utility's screen. A number of items related to OneDrive will then appear, including cached credentials, FinderSync, and Hockey SDK. Delete these, and then exit the Keychain Access. Ensure that all the deleted items are directly related to OneDrive, as the Keychain Access contains a collection of encrypted items such as passwords and certificates related to other applications.
  • Run the Reset OneDrive Script: To locate the Reset OneDrive script, control-click on the OneDrive app. What pops up is a Reset OneDrive - Package Content menu. Click on the “Show Package Content” option to reveal a list of folders and files in the OneDrive app. Open the “Content” folder, and locate the “Resources” folder. This is where the Reset OneDrive script is stored in. The script bears the name “ResetOneDriveApp.command”. This script runs on the terminal and might require admin authentication. To run the script, simply double-click it and let it run on the terminal. Once it finishes, the OneDrive app will then run like a completely new installation.

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