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Top 5 Cloud Inventory Management Software

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Most businesses these days would want to run their inventory management online rather than onsite given that they can access these systems anywhere. Now, if you are searching for the best cloud inventory management software then which one should you go for? Well, there are many cloud inventory management software but we have sampled some of the best in the market and in this article, we will be reviewing 5 that stand a cut above the rest.

Top 5 Cloud Inventory Management Software

1. Oracle

Oracle is not a new name in the world of tech and this software powerhouse has one of the best cloud inventory management software albeit for larger businesses. This cloud tool will help you dissect into the way material flows in the supply chain coupled with getting insights on the product costs across the chain.


  • You can track end to end material movement
  • It has a fully-fledged inventory management platform including, inventory visibility, inventory support, reporting tools etc
  • It has a good number of costing innovations like multiple cost books, overhead absorption rules


  • It is expensive for smaller businesses

2. Dear Systems Cloud Inventory Management

Dear systems are known for crafting amazing software for businesses and their inventory management system is another software out their growing portfolio. This one is a software that delivers the insights a business needs in the realm of stocks and order status. In other words, it will help you manage those huge product volumes, create product data manually and replace inefficient manual stock counts with quick and easy barcode scanning.


  • It has a multitude of inventory management features for enterprises
  • It offers compelling tools for creating inventory reports
  • It intergrates with third party platforms like Shopify, woocommerce, paypal etc


  • It doesn't come cheap

3. Boxstorm

Boxstorm is yet another web-based inventory management solution that you can access from anywhere as long as you are connected to the web. What’s cool about this software is that it offers a wide array of tools such sales orders, purchase orders and more all targeted at making it super easy to manage your inventory. It also intergrates well with quickbooks online and Stripe.


  • It offers a good selection of inventory solution like inventory tracking, reordering, full activity auditing, item cost tracking, handling orders etc.
  • It is one of the easiest inventory management tools to use


  • It is a bit pricy on small scale use

4. Delivrd

Delivrd is a free inventory management you can use off the cloud to manage your inventory service particularly if you run an ecommerce site. It is great for small and medium ecommerce business given that it intergrates very well with the likes of shopify and woocommerce. It can be a marvelous tools for those looking to shift from using excel for running inventory but it can also be good for handling complex processes.


  • It is great with the likes of shopify and WooCommerce
  • It allows serial number management
  • The support offered for this tool is great


  • It's isn't tailored for highly specialized businesses perhaps if a business needs special equipment in their supply chain.

5. Lokad

This is another software that works in three paradigms including using it off the cloud. Well, Lokad is known for being a business intelligence system as such but with a lot of features for inventory management. It is one tool that comes with free features to salivate for including reports, Data import/export, Script everything, Automation & Scalability, Community support, Integrations. This tool can also help you in detecting any issues in the supply chain including finding any signs of fraud.


  • It comes in different modes to pick from be it standalone options, SaaS and cloud plans.
  • The free version comes with lots of cool inventory features


  • If you use the free version then you won't get support for it

Why Use Cloud Inventory Management Software?

Wondering why you should invest in a good cloud inventory management software? Now, here are some of the reasons why you should jump to the wagon:

  • Enhanced Stock Visibility-A cloud software will not only help automate the way you manage stocks but it will also improve transparency in that you can track any errors and signs of inside fraud
  • Real Time Updates & Interaction-You can always stay on top of your inventory management regardless of whether you are at home, at home or anywhere around the globe-as long as there is internet!
  • Integrations- A top draw cloud inventory management software can integrate with other tools used in your business e.g CRM, accounting etc.
  • Better Intelligence-Cloud inventory management tools can also help you drill into vital data and help you make business decisions.

cloud inventory management software

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