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How to Deploy Software Remotely with Advanced Security

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

Workplace is not restricted to a physical location in the current age. Employees from different locations use their desktops to work. Deploying the necessary software from a remote location saves time and increases efficiency. No one needs to attend to each machine installing the software. This process of delivering software to user end connected with a server or LAN is called remote software deployment. Remote software deployment is used in many companies, but how does it work? Here is a tutorial about how to deploy software remotely by Group Policy.

How to Deploy Software Remotely

How to deploy software remotely? Enterprises can make use of many programs to deploy remotely. Today we will teach you how to deploy remotely with RDS or Windows Terminal Server. You will need the MSI file installed on server. The example software is Windows office.

Step 1: Add a GPO and Select “Edit”

Open Group Policy Management screen and right click on Office OU and choose the first option. Add a GPO and right click to select “Edit”. This will open Policy Object Editor.

remote deployment software

Step 2: Add the Package You Want to Deploy Remotely

Then you need to expand the settings of software. You will see there is an setting named “Software Installation”, click on the same and then choose ”New” and then “Package” to add a package you want to deploy.

deploy software remotely

Step 3: Deploy Software Remotely

Then a window will pup-up and browse to select the software you want to deploy. After that a window named “Deploy Software” will pup-up and choose the deployment method and click “OK”. This will deploy Office to users in the group remotely.

remote software deployment tools

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