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Why You Should Run a Paperless Company?

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

One of the ways that companies from across the industry spectrum have learnt to reduce cost has been by running a paperless Inc. The term paperless company is now not just a figure of speech but an actual description of a company that has reduced the reliance on paper on just every aspect of the day to day running of their business. But the question remains: do the benefits of a paperless company outweigh the involving procedure to go paperless? This article will seek to answer the question for you by describing the benefits of a paperless company.

The Advantages of Running a Paperless Company

1. Higher Security

For paperless companies, the security of documents is one they take just as seriously as any other business. But the fact that the company is paperless means that security is better because let’s face it, the documents in your filing cabinet can be destroyed by a flood or fire at any time. Not the same for documents in the cloud.

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For a paperless company, you should scan the paper document into PDF or image format. Companies can also use a professional document manage tool to protect, edit scanned document with OCR and share PDF files with others.

2. Higher Profits and Business Velocity

Because paperless companies rarely waste time trying to find that document, they are better placed for growth in this hyper-connected era. A simple delay in transaction can mean that your potential customer will look to your competitor in the future. Therefore, the fact that a paperless company is able to accomplish faster and better service can make it more profitable than a non-paperless company.

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3. Saving Time Otherwise Spent on Non-Essential Tasks

A paperless system practically eliminates the time you spend rummaging through your desk looking for a particular document or the time it takes to deliver that invoice when you could just attach it to an email. When you consider the fact that you can spend this time on more productive aspects of the business, you get the picture.

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How to Create a Paperless Company

By now you are already thinking of how your business can go paperless. But before we out the cart before the horse- so to speak, here's what you need to know about transitioning to a paperless company.

1. Consider the Initial Cost of Software, Storage and Conversion

Before you make the transition to a paperless system, you must consider the fact that a paperless company will require more storage and this may be an additional expense at last initially. There is also the cost of converting

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You will need to scan and sign the documents you have in paper form which means investing in programs that can help you do that easily. You can choose the Evernote to store all your paperless documents, and if you need to edit the documents or sign the document, you can use the PDFelement for Business which is designed to save cost and go paperless for businesses.

2. Team Member Training

Although some of your team members may be familiar with the paperless processes, not all of them will be and you can't afford to assume that they will be. Therefore, you have to factor in the cost of training for team members. Ensuring that every team member is comfortable with the new system may be the best investment you could ever make. It means that your paperless company will run uninhibited.

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3. Make Document Security a Primary Focus

It is also prudent to device whether documents will be stored locally or on the cloud. Both options have advantages. Storing documents locally can mean that they are easily accessible but may compromise on security. The cloud offers a comprehensive solution if the security of your documents is a priority (which it should be). Of course there are documents that you store locally, a kind of hybrid system and that’s okay too.

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Business Tool to Help You Create a Paperless Company

Now that you know what you need to easily make the transition to a paperless company, we thought we'd help you out by sharing with you one of the best programs to aid in that transition. That program is PDFelement for Business and it is one of the best PDF management tools in the business. You will notice as you make the transition that PDF will become a document format to feature prominently on your paperless business processes.

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Therefore, having a way to easily manage all aspects of PDF documents is something you will find you need very much. PDFelement for business can do all that and more because of the following features.

    • The program allows you to modify a PDF document in any way. You can edit the text on the document, edit and even erase the images or even merge and split PDF documents to create whole new PDF documents.
    • Seeing as part of the transition to a paperless company involves scanning your old documents, you will find PDFelement's OCR feature very helpful. This is the feature that helps you easily edit a scanned PDF file.
    • The program also allows you to assign a unique digital signature to any PDF document. This is a great feature that further secures your documents and gives them a stamp of authenticity.

  • If you're worried about the cost of transitioning to a paperless company, PDFelement makes it easier on your pocket by offering the volume licensing discount.
  • The fact that it is very user friendly will make it easier on your team to get a handle on all the aspects they need to learn during transition.

Firms that Have Already Become Paperless Companies

Still looking for inspiration? The following are some companies you may know that have already gone paperless.

  • Ideal Rebel, a digital agency started by Jamie Garret
  • Young & Thompson, a Law Firm
  • Dain Insurance, an Insurance Company in Illinois, USA
  • The Virginia Cancer Institute
  • Cleveland Department of Health, a Government agency

These are just some of the companies that have completed the transition. Many more, up to 30% of surveyed businesses say they are well on the way to going completely paperless. The main reason is because paperless makes business sense. Will you be going paperless?

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