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The Benefits of Using Online License Management

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

As an end user of almost any type of license management software, you want to see the value that a software brings to the table. You’ll want to enjoy a seamless user experience that makes it easy to manage licenses within your organization. Effectively managing many so many software licenses can be challenging, especially in virtual environments. It can take up too much of your time, resulting in you not dedicating enough of your focus to more important tasks.

So how do you successfully monitor all licensing aspects of your organization? Online License Management tools can be extremely helpful in this scenario. Read on to discover what online license management is, and the benefits of using it over other types of license management tools.

What is Online License Management

A license manager gives you greater control over software implementation or deployment within your organization. You can oversee many aspects, such as updates, activations, subscriptions, and more. Online license management tools provide a user-friendly online platform that lets you seamlessly administrate and keep track of who is using your software. You can manage everything from one central dashboard, so you can easily monitor every single user.

This eases much of the stress of managing licenses, so that you can focus your time on more important matters. It also helps you meet the needs of all users to ensure higher productivity for your overall organization as well.

Benefits of Using Online License Management Tools

Online license management tools can provide some big benefits for your organization, such as:

Easy Installation:  Online license management tools make software very easy to install and use, which frees up your time to focus on more urgent matters.
Lower Cost: The initial costs of installation and deployment are much lower, and there are further options to decrease costs if you want to automate your licensing model in the future.
More flexibility to test software: Online license management tools let you run software A/B tests more easily and get better insight into how the software performs and how well the functionalities are meeting your needs. This lets you deal with potential issues more efficiently, and creates a better user experience long-term. Testing also ensures that you will be able to make the best decision when re-assessing your licensing model in the future.
Ability to manage licenses in the cloud: Cloud-based software licensing is extremely flexible. When software licensing is based in the cloud that means it is available any time, and from anywhere. Users can access the cloud whenever they want. You can activate and manage software licenses 24 hours a day, which offers much in the way of convenience.
Ensure License compliance: You don’t need to worry about losing track of critical issues such as unlicensed users employing the software or other similar concerns. With online license management tools, you can identify expired licenses, or programs that have been over licensed, as well as many other things.
Assure you meet standards: With online license management tools, you can easily identify software that has been approved versus software that is prohibited. You can ensure that you meet all requirements and standards put in place.

Why PDFelement is the Best Online License Management Alternative

A great option to assist with online license management is PDFelement. It’s also important to note that PDFelement can be a great alternative license management tool as well.

Online License management
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