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The Top Alternative to the Solidworks License Manager

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Business • Proven solutions

IT departments end up having to oversee many different software licenses for the entire staff of their organization. License management software is a must, since it can help alleviate stress and reduce the risk of improper license management and financial consequences.

One option when it comes to license management software choices is Solidworks License Manager. Read on to discover how to use the program, and why it might be the right tool for you.

What is Solidworks License Manager

Solidworks license manager supports multiple client licenses through network distribution of licenses. In this process, there can be more users than number of licenses through the use of floating licenses. Activation and installation can be done from the license manager’s PC system only. During the installation of a license where a serial number is specified, the installation manager automatically recognizes the computer as the license client.
The installation manager will require the name of the Solidworks license manager, including the port number for the license manager and the client to be connected. It’s also a requirement that both license clients and license manager should hold Internet Protocol/Transmission Control Protocol (IP/TCP) connection.

Solidworks license manager is needed for the activation of A Solidworks license before running a Solidworks product on any computer. Activation errors can be avoided during the license manager activation by ensuring access to the server isn’t remote, and guaranteeing the server has been rebooted after the completion of the process.

Benefits of Using Solidworks License Manager

Solidworks License Manager has a range of benefits that will help you successfully manager your software licenses:
Activation requirements: For the Solidworks license manager activation to be completed correctly, an email address and internet access are required. Once the activation is complete, access to the products does not require an internet connection. Without email access on a specific computer, the activation file can be saved and sent to another system, allowing Solidworks license manager and licenses to be activated on all Solidworks products.
License manager system specific: Note that the Solidworks license manager is only activated and installed on the PC system of the license manager.
Deactivation from moving: before a Solidworks license is either moved to an upgraded or new PC, the license has to be deactivated first before being reactivated on the new computer.
Configuration process: The process of Solidworks licensing, including Solidworks license manager installation on the computer of the license manager, involves installation of Solidworks on the client PC through a Solidworks license serial number.   
Multiple license support:  One of the features of the Solidworks license manager is that it supports diverse license clients and distributes licenses to multiple clients across a network.
Hardware dongle upgrade: When it comes to upgrading a past Solidworks license manager that operated via hardware dongles to activate the license, the hardware dongle need to be removed prior to the installation of the newer Solidworks license manager version.
Serial number identification: When it comes to the installation of Solidworks on client computers, the system will be identified by the serial number as a Solidworks license client.
Version access management: Users can be restricted from operating certain Solidworks versions within the Solidworks framework. Through the Solidworks license manager it becomes easy to manage all Solidworks versions operated by diverse business units, projects or persons.

Instructions on How to Use Solidworks License Manager

If you feel this is the right tool for you, follow these steps to start using Solidworks License Manager:

  1. Start: Begin the use of Solidworks license manager by running the command from the Start menu (in Windows).
  2. Upgrade:  you’ll also need to uninstall the old version of the license manager and install a new one. The Solidworks license also need to be re-activated. A newly released license manager is able to distribute client system licenses from a past release.
  3. Delete outdated files: The Solidworks license manager lets you easily delete expired Solidworks license files prior to upgrading to newer files.
  4. Return or borrow Solidworks licenses: Solidworks licenses can be borrowed for remote use of software. However, borrowed licenses are immovable and can only be used by the current user on the computer where the process took place. When Solidworks licenses are being used, returning or borrowing licenses cannot happen.
  5. Idle time monitoring:  Use the Solidworks license manager to register Solidworks idle time to ensure unused licenses for a period of time return to the pool of free license.
  6. Temporary license installation: Any license can be used temporarily. However, for Solidworks existing users, before installation of 'ANY'; license, the license manager needs to be uninstalled first and deleted from the installation file.
  7. Add-on products:  Solidworks license manager is also used to distribute add-on Solidworks products. Note that equal Solidworks product licenses and Solidworks add-on licenses is not a requirement.  

As already indicated, before a typical Solidworks product can be run on a given computer, the license for that system needs to be activated first.

Why PDFelement is the Best Solidworks License Management Alternative

While Solidworks License Manager is a great option, it’s also important to note that PDFelement can be a great alternative license management tool as well.

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