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How to Create a Quickbooks Journal Entry

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2024-05-30 11:23:27 • Filed to: Quickbooks Solution • Proven solutions

In the history of bookkeeping and accounting, the journal has been an essential part of the growth and development of any business. For your business to get where you want it to be, you need to have a good record of all the financial transactions. That way, you know where your business was, is and going.

How to Enter a Journal Entry in QuickBooks

How to make a journal entry in Quickbooks? To open a journal entry of any kind in your QuickBooks, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Go to "company" and select make general journal entries from the list at the top of the page.
  • Change the date in the date field if the entry you want to enter is from another period. Otherwise, QuickBooks will set the date automatically.
  • In the entry no field, enter a suitable number for your journal, although QuickBooks will do that automatically.
  • In the account column, enter the ledger account number. Alternatively, you can choose the first account from the drop-down list under the account column.
  • Under the debit or credit column, enter the amount of debit or credit for the specific account you choose. Make sure the debit and credit are equal to balance the entry.
  • Under the memo column, enter a description as to why the entry is being made.
  • Repeat from 4 – 6 until you have filled out all necessary information and have achieved zero balance.
  • Click on save then close if that is all or click on save then new if you want to enter a new journal.

It is so easy for how to make a journal entry in Quickbooks online!

How to Print a Journal Entry

It is also possible to print your journal entries in QuickBooks; be it single or multiple, as long as you use journal entries to keep transaction records.
To print single journal entry, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the search icon on the top of your screen and select advanced search.
  • Enter journal entries. You can also add reference no. to narrow down your search.
  • Click on search and select the journal entry you want.
  • At the bottom, click on more and select transaction journal.
  • Then click on the print icon at the upper right to print the journal.

To print multiple journal entries on a single report, follow the steps below.

  • From the left menu, click on reports.
  • Then using the search bar, search for the desired journal entry.
  • Click on customize from the list at the upper right and fill in the required information.
  • Then click on run report.
  • Then select the print icon to print the report.
  • Also, to export it to excel or as a PDF click on the export icon.

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