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Fixed: Keynote Files Can't Open on macOS 10.14

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

A slide show presentation can make or mar any type of digital campaign. Therefore, an error message which states that a keynote document can’t be opened on macOS 10.14 might spell doom in many cases. In general, Keynote files created by newer versions of Keynote are usually not read on older Keynote apps. But the scope of keynote failure to open certain keynote files, which is addressed in this article, goes beyond such incompatibility. This article addresses many keynote macOS 10.14 issues and fixes.

How to Fix Keynote Cannot Open File

When trying to access a backup copy of a keynote file that was worked on recently, a user may be faced with an error message that reads "Filename.key can't be opened because it is an invalid keynote document" or "The operation couldn't be completed (Librarian Error Domain error 1 - Unable to initiate item download.)", or other similar errors. Keynote is designed to store documents in iCloud and make them accessible to the user at any point in time. But the stored files may become lost or altered as a result of some mixups in cloud processes, resulting in the display of the error messages described above.

1. Fixing Keynote Errors Caused by Faulty Extensions or File Corruption

If the cause of the error message is the alteration of the file's extension, a user can resolve such macOS 10.14 keynote file can’t be opened error quite swiftly by restoring the file's extension to its original form. But when the file is corrupted, and there is no other backup copy of the file left, the user can use the iWork recovery software to recover the file.

2. Fixing keynote macOS 10.14 Errors Caused by Syncing Errors

The most common document can’t be opened on macOS 10.14 errors messages are caused by syncing errors. To resolve such an error:

  • Quit Keynote completely by pressing Command + Q on the open window of the app.
  • Open the problematic Keynote file from iCloud on another Mac device, make a small change on it like adding a word, and then allow for the changes to be synced on iCloud.
  • Open the document on the first device wherein the error message occurred. The file should now open without a hitch.

3. Fixing keynote macos 10.14 Errors Caused by Unknown Bugs

Many users have been faced with an inability to send Keynote files via email after upgrading their macOS 10.14. An easy way around this is as follows:

  • Email the the zipped (compressed) copy of the file.
  • Export file to previous version. Highlight the file, and then click on File option, and then click "Export To" and choose an older version to export to, and then save the file. Email the exported file. If the problem still persists, move on to the next step.
  • Convert the problematic file to PDF, Word, etc, and then email it.

4. Basic Troubleshooting for Keynote macos 10.14

If none of the fixes outlined above resolves a keynote document can’t be opened on macos 10.14 error message, the following troubleshooting techniques including how to Update, download and reinstall keynote may be used as the last resort:

Keynote Updates: Open App store on the Mac, tap Updates in the toolbar, and then click the Updates button to download and install any outstanding updates. Note that some updates may appear after other updates have been installed, so check back and download any subsequent updates.

How to download and reinstall Keynote for macos 10.14:

  • Run Activity Monitor, choose Keynote under the Process Name, tap the "X" button on the upper left corner, and then select "Quit" on the pop up dialogue box. If the app remains running, use the "Force Quit" option in Activity Monitor
  • Open launchpad, type in Apple Keynote in the search box, and then click and hold the Keynote icon until it begins to wiggle and an "X" button appears on the left upper corner of the Keynote icon
  • Tap the "X" button, and select the delete button in the dialog box that pops up to uninstall the app
  • Open Apple store on the device, enter Keynote on the search box, and follow the download prompts to download and reinstall keynote for macos 10.14
keynote cannot open a key file on macos 10.14

5. The Best Keynote Alternative

Google Slides offers the most productive and efficient alternative to Keynote for macOS 10.14 users. It gives users access to all the basic features needed to create slide show presentations, including a wide range of selection templates, slide layouts, and graphic styles. Its highly efficient operations allow users to quickly put together texts, graphics, diagrams, and videos into a slide show. It also enhances collaboration by facilitating filesharing on cloud.

download keynote for macos 10.14

How to Convert PDF to Keynote on macOS 10.14

Most slide show presentations are presented in PDF files. However, the creation and manipulation of PDF file contents is usually beyond the capabilities of most Mac users who do not have the proper tools for reading PDF files or the technical know-how to edit them. However, most Mac users can easily work with other file formats including Keynote from their Mac devices. Hence there's a greater chance of carrying everyone along if the contents of slide share presentations contained in PDF files are presented in other file formats like Keynote. This is usually done on a daily basis by thousands of business professionals via the use of PDFelement, a widely used no-brainer file converter.

download on app store download on google play

PDFelement is a highly efficient file converter that converts PDF not only to Keynote, but to almost all other file formats, including EPUB, Word, HTM, RTF, and lots more. To enhance the time-efficiency of its operations, the app comes with a batch conversion feature that allows for the conversion of over a hundred pages of files within minutes in a go. What's more, PDFelement comes with an OCR technology that allows for the extraction of data from scanned PDF files into editable Keynote files.

keynote macos 10.14

How to Convert PDF to Keynote on Mac

1. Run PDFelement, go to the Home window and then tap the "Open File" button or the "+" icon to select the file to be converted.

2. Click "Tool" and select "Export to" and choose "To PowerPoint" to convert the file to Keynote-friendly file.

3. Click the "File" tab and select "Save As" option, and save the converted keynote file in the Keynote app.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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