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Find out how you can compare PDFs online by reading this article.

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At times, you might want to verify or identify the changes that have been made. For that, you have to compare PDFs online through PDF comparison tools. Comparing two documents to find probable changes is a time-consuming and exhausting process. Multiple rounds of revision in a document might make the changes slip.

In case such documents have a lot of details, the comparison process can take several hours/days. Many people who compare these documents regularly use special software, which can highlight or change parts of the documents during the process of revision. PDF is the most popular format. So, in this article, you will learn about the top ways to compare PDF files online with high quality.

How to Compare PDF Online with Draftable?

Draftable is a good tool for comparing two PDF files online. It is affordable, user-friendly, and fast. With this tool, you can compare PDF documents side by side and make life much easier. The tool is intuitive and takes less time to compare two PDFs side by side.

Visit the Official Site of Draftable.Com

Here are the steps you have to follow to compare PDF online free using Draftable.

Step 1Visit the Official Site of Draftable.Com

When you visit the official website of Draftable and you will have to scroll down and click on the option 'Try Draftable Online'. The thing is as simple as that. You will be taken to the document comparison tool.

Step 2Drag and Drop the Files

The next step is to upload the documents on the platform. Just drag and drop the older PDF version on the left green box and the new PDF file on the right green box.

Step 3Click on the 'Compare' Button

When you are done uploading the files, you will have to click on the option 'Compare'. Click on it and then proceed on to the next stage.

Step 4Compare the PDF Files Side By Side

The last step is you have to upload the documents, and you will notice the Draftable platform showing both documents side by side. You will notice some parts of the texts will be highlighted. The text in red color on the left document will show the parts that are not present on the new documents or have been deleted.


Easy to use.

Online tool implies no need to download them.

No need to read through the text.


It cannot be used offline.

How to Compare PDF Files Online Using PDF Compare?

Another way to compare two PDFs online is to use PDFcompare. The tool can be used for free, and by using it, you can identify the difference between two files. Just choose the PDFs you would like to compare and download the comparison report when you are done.

Compare PDF Files Online Using PDF Compare

PDF Compare supports multiple platforms letting you compare PDF images and text content. You can open the tool from your Windows or Mac operating system and then choose the PDF from the local drive or cloud to start with the process.

To compare PDF online with high quality using PDF Compare, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • Choose the files in the free online PDF Compare tool.
  • The tool compares both PDF files and finds out the differences.
  • When you are done, download the comparison report on your device.

Easy drag-and-drop feature.

It is a free tool.

The tool can be used on Mac and Windows.


It cannot be accessed online.

How to Compare Two PDF Files Online by PDF24 Tools?

PDF24 is an easy-to-use tool. The solution is easy to use. Apart from using it to compare PDFs online, you can use it as a compressor, merger, and convert. The web app helps in showing the differences between two PDF files. In case a revision of the PDF file has small corrections or changes in the text, you can uncover them using the PDF24 app.

Compare Two PDF Files Online by PDF24 Tools

Here are the steps you have to follow to compare PDF files online using PDF24.

  • Open the tool on your preferred web browser.
  • Choose the two files you would like to compare in the app.
  • The system will display the text by showing you the difference.
  • The tool makes it much easier to compare the files.

Easy-to-use tools.

No limits on the number of files you compare.

Easily displays the differences between two files.


It requires the internet to be accessed.

How to Compare Two PDFs Online Free Via Compare PDFs?

You can also compare two PDF files using Compare PDFs. It shows the discrepancies in the content and shows the respective line numbers. It will save you a lot of time while going through the two files separately.

Compare Two PDFs Online Free Via Compare PDFs

To compare two PDF files, you will have to follow a few easy steps. Let's take a look at them.

  • Drag and drop two PDF files that you would like to compare.
  • Now, you have to click on the 'Compare' button, which is given below.
  • After some time, the difference between the two PDF files is going to be displayed.
  • Choose the view type for a comparison of the files online side by side.

The tool is available for free.

Allows you to go through files manually.

The tool can be accessed from every web browser.


It has a file limit of 250MB when compared.

Shortcomings of Comparing PDFs Online

Just as with every nomination, there are some demerits. A few disadvantages, which might arise with comparing two PDF files online, are;

  • The files aren't sorted on the online server for a long period. After some time, they will be deleted. It will bring up a problem in that you need to perform the comparison yet again if you require the comparison data later on.
  • For the tools to function, you will require the internet. Unlike conventional comparison tools, the solutions used for comparing PDF files online will only work over the internet. It poses a challenge to users who would like to use the tool but don't have a stable internet connection.
  • Since the comparison tools haven't been installed directly on the computer, it isn't very convenient in areas that don't have wireless internet connectivity. Most internet users use cable internet making it difficult to work on the move.

How to Compare PDFs with PDFelement Desktop Tool?

If you think you need a tool that will let you work offline, PDFelement might be the right choice for you. It is one of the best desktop tools that you will come across. PDFelement is an All-in-one PDF solution that lets users create PDF files, convert, and edit files as per their requirements. It can add security features, like digital signatures and passwords, to PDF documents.

Other than the given functions, PDFelement can be used for comparisons between two PDF documents. To compare the differences between the two PDFs, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Open a PDF and then select 'Tool' and then 'Compare'.
Click on the Option 'View'
  • Then, you will notice a pop-up, and it will allow you to choose a 'New File'.
Open Multiple PDF Files
  • Thenyou have two PDFs, and you can click on 'Compare'. And PDFelement will begin loading the two titles.
  • Now, you will be able to compare the two PDF files.
compare two PDF files

With PDFelement, you can easily handle your PDF files. By using it, you can keep hold of your PDF files. It is a simplified solution that is affordable and fast. PDFelements lets you compare PDF files without any hassle. Apart from this, you can also use it to add text or images to PDF files. The tool can change colors, sizes, and font sizes in the PDF file. It is an easy solution for all your PDF needs. In fact, it is one of the most affordable solutions out there. The tool has an intuitive interface. So you will not have any trouble using it.

Bottom Line

In case you have been wondering if there is a way to compare two PDF files online with minimum fuss and for free, then you are in luck. In this article, you will find the top tools to use for comparing PDFs online. Handling PDF files can be tricky, and you can edit them without paying for the best PDF editor. If you want to see the changes that you have made, you will need a compare two documents. But if you have to compare the documents offline, you can use PDFelement, the all-in-one PDF editing tool.

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