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The Best PDF Metadata Viewer in 2024

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All PDF documents contain information about the properties of the file. This includes who created the document, when the document was created, what software was used to create the document, what type of restrictions the document has in place, what is the resolution of the document is, and more. All of this information is called the metadata of a PDF file. If you'd like to view PDF metadata, you'll need a PDF metadata viewer like - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to assist you.

Part 1. How to Read Metadata in PDF with the Best Metadata Viewer

PDFelement is an all-in-one PDF metadata viewer, creator, reader, editor, converter, annotator, and form filler available on both Windows and Mac OS. You can view, edit and remove PDF metadata with ease using it. Here's the step-by-step guide on how you can view the PDF metadata using PDFelement on Windows. Download this program on your computer and install it on your computer by clicking the below button to try it free.

Step 1. Open PDF File

Launch PDFelement and click on the "Open files" button. Select the PDF file that you want to view and import it into the program.

pdf metadata viewer

Step 2. View PDF Metadata

Once the PDF file is opened, click on the "File" tab in the top toolbar and then select "Properties" from the submenu. Here you will find the metadata of the PDF file such as the Author name, Subject, Keywords, created and modified date, and other advanced options.c If you need to edit or delete the metadata, you can also directly do it on here.

view pdf metadata

Regarding PDFelement, it also allows you can to easily read PDF files, highlight text, add comments or notes, and save PDF files. You can edit both text and images in a PDF file. Plus, with the OCR feature, even scanned PDFs can be edited without any hassle. You can also change the formatting of the text such as font, size, direction, and style, and you can easily convert a PDF file to other Office formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, and more. Or you can convert these file types to PDFs - it's never been this easy to work with PDFs.

Apart from all these great features, viewing metadata is also incredibly easy with PDFelement. The metadata will let you determine the PDF size, number of pages, page size, and even tags associated with the PDF file. Plus, with security features, you can add passwords and restrictions to your PDF file for the ultimate protection.

Part 2. Other Four PDF Metadata Viewers for Windows

1. PDF Metadata Viewer

This is one of the best tools for viewing Metadata information of PDF files. It boasts many features. You can view the metadata of multiple files altogether. PDF Metadata Viewer allows you to view the PDF name, creator, keyword, subject, producer, and creation date. You can also see the modified date to determine if there has been a modification made, and see the author information. PDF Metadata Viewer could be a good option for you.

pdf metadata reader

2. Adobe Acrobat - PDF Properties Viewer

There is no doubt that Adobe Acrobat is a very popular software in the area of PDF editing. It is one of the best PDF readers and the good thing is that it also has a PDF Metadata view feature. It is capable is showing both basic and advanced metadata information. For basic, it can show subject, PDF author, keywords, creation, and modification plus the application that is used in creating the PDF files.

pdf properties viewer

3. FileTagSleuth - View PDF Metadata

This is powerful PDF metadata software that is not well known by a lot of people. However, it is one of the best PDF Metadata software that you should try out. It has a lot of features. For instance, you can view things like creation and modification date, PDF version, the size, PDF name, language, author name, page count and much other important metadata information. Besides, this tool has a good interface and this makes things easy as you see in some other top software.

pdf metadata viewer windows

4. ExifTool - PDF Metadata Viewer Windows

This is one of the most powerful PDF metadata software in this list and it also supports a range of formats. ExifTool lets you view the important metadata information and the not so metadata information. For instance, you can view author name, linearized, file permissions, time and date of modification and creation, the PDF file name, keywords, the language used description title, document ID, creator tool, metadata date, and much other information. ExifTool may not be popular but it is a powerful tool and that is why it makes this list.

metadata viewer pdf

Part 3. Top PDF Metadata Viewer Online

Metadata viewers can be very effective in helping users find hidden information about documents that they need to know. These platforms can prove to be quite helpful for knowing all information associated with a certain file. This part shall introduce several PDF metadata viewer software that can be utilized to learn more about how users can execute the process easily.

1. Metadata2Go PDF Metadata Viewer Online

The first PDF metadata viewer features an online and a free platform for obtaining all information related to the files. While offering a very simple and easy-to-use interface, Metadata2Go covers 15 meta keys and 15 file formats for processing. Users can look into significant details about their documents that they never knew of. Metadata2Go promises to get into the depth with no stones left unturned.

metadata2go pdf metadata viewer

2. Free Online EXIF & Metadata Viewer

Files are embedded with several hidden details, which are somewhat important for users to know. Professional platforms consider using metadata viewers for such purposes. However, rather than going for downloadable tools, they can look into tools such as the Free Online EXIF & Metadata Viewer, a tool that supports multiple file formats with an assurance of providing significant details about the document.

free online exif and metadata viewer

3. PDFYeah Metadata Reader Online

PDFYeah is another impressive option that you can consider for PDF metadata viewers online. This tool is a versatile, effective, and secure option to check the metadata of a PDF document. Under its HTTPS secure connection, you can simply upload PDF documents and utilize the free service for locating the metadata of the PDF documents. PDFYeah allows you to upload files as large as 50MB in size.

 pdfyeah read metadata

4. Aspose PDF - View and Edit PDF Metadata Online

This is another particular option that you can look into for discovering the metadata of your PDF documents. Aspose is known for its multiple functionalities; however, the tool surely displays a very effective service in providing metadata of the PDF documents. Users can get their metadata extracted in no time and have it edited across any platform, making Aspose PDF a versatile option in the market.

aspose edit pdf metadata

5. PDF Candy - Edit and View Metadata Online

You may know PDF Candy for different PDF editing features. The platform also provides a fast, secure service for extracting the metadata of PDF documents. It turns out to be an effective PDF metadata viewer, considering the simplistic user interface. Following this, users can even consider editing their document's metadata with ease. PDF Candy ensures in offering all major editing tools to make the process as complete as possible.

pdfcandy customize metadata

There are many PDF metadata viewers that you can come across while doing market research. This article has discussed several offline and online tools to help users figure out the best tool for viewing the metadata of PDF documents.

However, if you are looking for a sustainable solution with greater possibilities, PDFelement is surely the answer for you. The offline platform not only offers you to view metadata, but makes significant changes by viewing, editing, and removing it from the PDF document. Users should surely consider having a try of the platform for provocative results.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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