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Tips for Viewing and Managing PDF in Gmail

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There are several options available for you to explore upon receiving an email from Gmail. You can decide to download the attachment to your local hard drive. The download is made in PDF format where you can later read it from your local drive. There are several downloading features which you can exploit while trying to read the email sent to you. For example, you can decide to view and manage PDF in Gmail account. Gmail offers several options for you to manage the PDF files you receive in attachments. There are several tips and tricks you can employ while managing Gmail in your account. Some of the tricks you can employ include the following:

Using Gmail

Gmail has a built-in PDF viewer, which enables to view PDF files directly in the desktop web browser. Just click the link "View", and then the PDF is open in your web browser. Here you can adjust the PDF to fit the screen, zoom in or zoom out. And what's more, you can search for the text by clicking the "File" menu and choosing "Search the Document". And then type in the text in the search box.

view pdf in gmail

Using Plain HTML

The second option you have to open an email address from Gmail is the plain text view. If you have tried opening the email using the PDF option, you probably have seen an option were you can open the file using plain HTML. It is located in the menu where you open the PDF format files. The pain HTML option means you can as well view the files in webpage format. If you compare the two modes of opening the PDF file, you will realize the first option is better. The PDF mode of opening the Gmail documents makes it easy for you to apply advanced options when managing emails.

view pdf as plain html in Gmail

There are several reasons why people prefer the PDF option. For instance, you have the freedom to adjust the size of the files on the screen. The PDF option also lists all the pages of the document on the side bar so that you can easily navigate. With the help of Google drive, you can as well convert any scanned PDF document into other forms. The conversion of the files to other forms offers you the best opportunity to manage your PDF files correctly.

Note: If it is a scanned PDF in your attachment, you can convert it to editable formats with the help of Google Drive.

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